I'm Tom Larson, the owner of the Arajuno Jungle Lodge, and I personally seek to create the best settings for you, my guest, to have a profound and unique experience learning, laughing, and healing in the pristine environment of the Amazon jungle. We are dedicated to the conservation and protection of our planet through direct action.

ECUADOR EARTHQUAKE RELIEF: As you know, on April 16th Ecuador's coast was hit with 7.8 magnitude earthquake. AJL was not directly affected by the earthquake, but as we already have the means in place to accept donations, we are doing so. If you wish to donate to the relief, 100% of your donation will go to those in need. As this is NOT part of the Arajuno Foundation, these donations will not be tax deductable.

To start your jungle experience, write me today; larstom@gmail.com
                            or give me a call;  Calling from the USA : 011 593 982 682 287
                                                      From within Ecuador : 098 268 2287

And even though we live in the jungle we are socially networked now!
Twitter, Facebook and YouTube just search arajunolodge

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The Arajuno Jungle Lodge is a SMART VOYAGER certified ecotourism lodge. Read more about what this certification means to the environment at www.smartvoyager.org

Arajuno Jungle Lodge and Rainforest Alliance have established an alliance to support Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism since July 25,2006.
There is no place on the planet like the Amazon Rain Forest, and no better way to experience it, than the Arajuno Jungle Lodge. We are a private, family owned forest reserve located deep in the Amazon Basin on the scenic banks of the Arajuno River. We are a good value without skimping, an adventure without unnecessary risk. We are remote without being primitive. We are the memory you want to have: the Arajuno Jungle Lodge.